Terms & Conditions 

terms and conditions of becoming a member of wrk365

Terms & Conditions

terms and conditions of becoming a member of wrk365


These terms and conditions are entered into by and between WRK365 (hereinafter: “WRK365”) and You (hereinafter: “the Member or Personal Trainer”). Please read these terms carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities under law. 

WRK365 trades as Fitness Trade.

Membership Services:

The membership entitles the usage of WRK365 facilities, the equipment, and services available during the period of sessions you have booked. Each membership is for one personal trainer and cannot be shared.

Each booking session is 60 minutes. If you require a longer session, please book additional sessions to cover all your time required. Within the 60 minute sessions, members are requested to clean the equipment after every use of each machine using the cleaning equipment provided by WRK365, which can be found around the gym or in the designated cupboards.

Sessions must be paid online by credit or debit card online prior to the beginning of each session. Session times are set when booked, and in the instance of a client or you being late or other interruptions, regretfully sessions are not able to be extended.

Termination of Memberships:

Memberships can be terminated at any moment by the management of WRK365. In such an instance, all outstanding membership sessions will be fully refunded back to you, the member in full.

Opening Times:

WRK365 opening times can be amended by the management of WRK365 at any time and at short notice. Please check https://www.wrk365.co.uk/book-now/#tmup=/p/3631594-wrk365/ for all the latest times.

Age Limit:

All members must be at least 18 years old. By accepting the terms and conditions, you confirm that you are of this age. You are responsible in ensuring that all your clients are at least 16 years old, exceptions are granted based on written parental consent.


By accepting a membership with WRK365, you confirm that you do not suffer from health problems that would hinder exercise or prevent you from engaging in exercise. You also confirm that by exercising, it is not detrimental or adverse to your health, safety or physical condition. If in any doubt, you should seek advice by a medical practitioner who should confirm your ability to exercise before you proceed. You, as a Personal Trainer are also responsible to check the health of any clients who you train at WRK365.

Waiver of Liability:

All use of the WRK365 shall be at your (the member) own risk at all times. You should not use any equipment which you do not have the knowledge of appropriate usage. WRK365 shall not be liable for any injuries, physical impact or damages to members or their property. WRK365 will not be subject to any claim arising out of the use of the premises and/or equipment from the WRK365 gym made available to you. You, as a Personal Trainer are also responsible for you client and for any claimants made by clients, WRK365 shall not be liable.

Personal Training Services:

All your work as a Personal Trainer is on a freelance basis with WRK365. The contract for the purchase sessions at WRK365 for personal training sessions is between you and your client who you bring in for your sessions. This means that it is you, the Personal Trainer (not us), who is legally responsible for providing the Personal Training sessions to your client.

All one-to-one Personal Training services are between you, the member, and your client. WRK365 are not liable for any issues with training services between you and your client; when you enter into any agreement with your client, you are entering into an agreement with those individuals and not with us. We do not accept any liability for any losses, damage, personal injury or disagreements between you, the personal trainer, and your clients. Our agreement is exclusive to renting the space to you, however, WRK365 take it upon ourselves to hold the highest standards.

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You: The Member or Personal Trainer

We and us: WRK365